Welcome to Marist Inc.,
Marketing for Real Estate Agents


Marist Inc. is a consulting company founded by Marist Schulte in 2015. We specialize in brand identity, marketing strategies, touch campaigns and social media management. Our mission is to help independent real estate agents and teams build a referral based business by enhancing their company's brand through strategic content management, farming, web presence building, and planning. We believe in your business & your brand. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more!


What our clients say

"Marist is one of the most talented, creative, out of the box thinkers I have ever met. Not only is she extremely good at what she does, she has become my cheerleader and wants to see exponential growth in my real estate business. Anything I ask of Marist, she does and exceeds my expectations. If you're looking for great marketing ideas, branding growth, social media content, farming, and content management, Marist & her team will provide you a new level of excellence you didn't know existed! Thanks Marist Inc.!!!"
-KW Agent, Atlanta

"I was looking for a way to take my business to the next level when I was introduced to Marist. I have used Marist Inc. on several occasions and each time I have received exceptional services!  I especially appreciate the quality and quick turnaround time of the finished products! Marist Inc. has helped make my experience in real estate marketing much smoother than I ever dreamed. I  would recommend Marist Inc. to any agent looking to jumpstart their business and look forward to continuing to utilize their services in the future!"

-KW Agent, Atlanta